Women’s Sober Living Scottsdale, Arizona

Welcome to Saguaro Recovery

Mariposa is a premier sober living home for women in Scottsdale, blending luxury with peace in a custom-built sanctuary designed for utmost comfort and serenity. It features hardwood floors and high-end finishes throughout, an inviting common area, and a beautiful open kitchen area with high quality appliances and cabinetry. The home extends into a private oasis with lush landscaping, a covered patio, and a sparkling pool set against green lawns. Additional comforts include a fire pit with paver seating and a balcony that offers breathtaking views. Mariposa offers more than just accommodation; it is a refined and tranquil space, thoughtfully tailored to support women on their recovery journey in an environment of unparalleled luxury and tranquility.

Empowering Recovery and Personal Growth

At Mariposa supportive living in Scottsdale, our mission extends beyond mere accommodation; we aim to establish a cornerstone for enduring personal transformation. Embracing a holistic strategy that prioritizes accountability and customized support, we have cultivated a thriving community focused on guiding individuals through the challenges of addiction, mental health difficulties, and trauma. Our opulent living quarters are designed as sanctuaries for those in pursuit of lasting recovery and deep personal satisfaction.

Cultivating Growth for Resident Empowerment

Our holistic approach focuses on accountability and personalized support, empowering our residents to not only recover but also thrive. Through the development of strong support networks, the promotion of spiritual growth, and the improvement of physical well-being, we strive to equip individuals with the tools and resources they need to navigate their journey towards a brighter future.

Comprehensive Support and High Accountability

In the journey toward healing, a supportive environment is paramount. At Saguaro Recovery, we prioritize comprehensive support paired with high accountability to guide individuals towards their recovery goals. Our program integrates various elements, including 24-hour staffing, goal setting, communication with treatment teams, regular drug and alcohol testing, technology assistance, and more. Whether addressing addiction, mental health concerns, trauma, or seeking structured support, we provide the necessary guidance and nurturing environment for success.

24-Hour Staffing and Weekly House Meetings

Our homes are staffed round-the-clock by trained house managers, offering constant support and guidance to residents. Weekly house meetings foster community and accountability, providing a platform for goal review and mutual support. We believe in establishing clear objectives and routines tailored to individual needs, ensuring residents stay focused on their recovery journey. Open communication with treatment teams ensures seamless care coordination, while attendance at outside recovery meetings and securing a sponsor further enriches the recovery experience. Additionally, technology assistance, drug testing protocols, and house chores contribute to a holistic approach towards sustainable recovery and personal growth.

Coaching and Companionship Support

At Saguaro Recovery, we understand the significance of personalized support on the healing journey. Through one-on-one coaching, our team of specialized coaches works closely with you to tailor a comprehensive plan aimed at achieving your goals both in recovery and in life. Each coaching package includes thorough assessments, daily interactions, and regular progress updates, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being. Additionally, we offer companionship services for circumstances requiring 24-hour support, providing personalized assistance tailored to your individual needs and specific situations.

Clinical Transport Services

For those requiring extra assistance during travel, Saguaro Recovery offers safe transport services, ensuring peace of mind and focus on recovery during journeys. Our experienced staff can accompany you locally or for longer distances, whether by car or plane. Moreover, we provide clinical transport services for guests needing transportation to treatment programs and clinical appointments. With cost-effective options and dedicated support, we aim to facilitate seamless transitions and continued progress in your recovery journey.

Comfortable Homes and Nourishing Food

Finding the right recovery home is essential for a successful recovery journey. At Saguaro Recovery, our spacious homes feature full-sized memory foam beds and swimming pools for relaxation. High-speed internet and big-screen TVs ensure entertainment, while desk space and house computers with printers facilitate work tasks. Additionally, we provide all grocery needs, accommodating dietary preferences, and offer community dinners five nights a week to foster a supportive environment.

Gym Membership and Special Accommodations

Recognizing the importance of holistic wellness, we provide outside gym memberships, granting access to multiple locations for convenient fitness routines. Moreover, Saguaro Recovery offers clinical transport services for guests needing transportation to treatment programs and clinical appointments. We also prioritize religious and cultural accommodations, offering Kosher options and ensuring observance of religious practices. With our comprehensive approach to comfort and support, we aim to empower every aspect of your recovery journey.

Discover Renewal at Saguaro Recovery

Mariposa Women's supportive living in Scottsdale offers a unique blend of exceptional support and luxurious living to empower women on their journey toward healing. Leveraging years of expertise in supporting individuals grappling with addiction, mental health challenges, and trauma, our founders understand the critical role of a nurturing environment in the recovery process. Within our vibrant community, you'll find the mentorship and resources essential for developing vital life skills and achieving a brighter, more fulfilling future.

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