At Saguaro Recovery we provide comprehensive support and a high level of accountability during your stay.

Comprehensive Support. High Accountability.

We understand the importance of a supportive environment in the journey towards healing. That’s why we offer a comprehensive program that combines support and accountability to help you reach your goals. Our program includes 24-hour staffing, goal and routine setting, communication with your treatment team, drug and alcohol testing, technology assistance, weekly house meetings, community dinners, fellowship, and help finding outside recovery meetings and sponsorship. Whether you are addressing addiction, mental health concerns, trauma, or are simply looking for a structured and supportive living environment, we provide the guidance and support you need to succeed.

24-Hour Staffing

Unlike sober living homes that may offer limited supervision and support, our homes are staffed 24-hours a day by trained house managers who provide constant support and guidance to residents in their recovery journey. Our staff members are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to help individuals maintain a sober lifestyle and build the skills they need to succeed in their personal and professional lives. With our trained house managers available around the clock, residents can feel secure and supported as they navigate the challenges of recovery and work towards achieving their goals.

Weekly House Meetings

We believe in the power of community and support. That’s why we require each guest to attend our weekly house meetings. This is a time for you to review your goals and progress and receive support from the community. Our house managers who are on staff 24-hours a day are also available to check in with you and provide guidance throughout your stay.

Establishing Goals and Setting Routines

We understand that achieving long-term goals requires careful planning and consistent effort. That’s why we sit down with our guests and do long-term objective planning whenever they come to our homes. During this planning session, we work with our guests to identify their long-term goals and establish a roadmap for achieving them. We then create, review, and reset goals each week to ensure that our guests are making progress towards their objectives. As part of this process, we also help our guests establish daily and weekly routines that support their recovery and help them stay on track. By taking a comprehensive and personalized approach to goal-setting and routine-building, we help our guests achieve lasting success in their recovery journey.
“Saguaro Recovery was a key piece of my recovery journey. I spent 5 months there after leaving residential treatment. I was offered support and accountability for both substance and process addiction. The staff is great and the house is wonderful. I would recommend Saguaro to anyone.”

Communication With Your Treatment Team

We believe that comprehensive communication is essential for providing the best possible care to our guests. That’s why we require releases of information for each guest’s entire clinical team, ensuring that everyone involved in their treatment is on the same page. We send in-depth notes to our guests’ clinical teams on a weekly basis and communicate with them throughout the week as needed, ensuring continuity of care between our facility and their treatment team. By working closely with our guests’ clinical teams, we can better understand their unique needs and provide the personalized care and support they need to achieve lasting recovery. This collaborative approach helps us build strong relationships with our guests and provides a seamless, integrated treatment experience.

Outside Recovery Meetings

If you are addressing addiction, we require you to attend four outside recovery meetings per week. This helps you integrate into the recovery community and receive additional support outside of the home. Our house managers can assist you in finding the right recovery groups and supportive communities.

Securing a Sponsor or Recovery Mentor

If you are addressing addiction, we require you to secure a sponsor or recovery mentor. This person can provide guidance and support as you progress in your recovery program. Our house managers can assist you in finding the right person for you.


Fellowship plays a crucial role in one’s personal journey toward recovery. Its inclusion in Saguaro Recovery’s program is rooted in the belief that the support and guidance of a community of peers can make a significant impact on one’s recovery process. By participating in a recovery fellowship, individuals are able to benefit from the shared experiences of others, reduce feelings of isolation, increase accountability and motivation, and develop new coping skills. The fellowship provides a source of hope, inspiration, and a sense of purpose, all of which are essential components of long-term recovery. Saguaro Recovery recognizes the value of fellowship in recovery and includes it as a key aspect of its program to support each individual’s path toward a fulfilling and sober life.

Technology Assistance

Help with technology is indispensable in early recovery for intimacy disorders or gambling addictions. If you are addressing an intimacy disorder or gambling addiction, we offer software to monitor your internet usage and to prevent you from accessing harmful content. We tailor the level of monitoring and restrictions to each individual’s specific needs to minimize invasiveness.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We take your recovery seriously at Saguaro Recovery. That’s why we require all guests to submit to drug and alcohol testing. This helps us ensure that our homes remain safe and substance-free environments.

House Chores

You will be expected to perform house chores. This helps create a sense of responsibility and contributes to the overall cleanliness and functioning of the home.
Make Saguaro Recovery your home and get the support you need to achieve the life you want.