Desert Rose

Women’s Sober Living Scottsdale, Arizona

Welcome to Saguaro Recovery

Discover the epitome of luxury living in this custom home, where every element is designed to enhance your comfort and enjoyment. From the raised ceilings to the inviting fireplace to the gorgeous finishes, relaxation and peace of mind are prioritized. Step outside to your private oasis boasting lush landscaping, a covered patio, and a sparkling pool and hot tub enveloped by green lawns. This home is more than just a residence – it's your home for a life of unparalleled luxury and longevity in recovery. Ideally and centrally located just minutes from hundreds of high-end restaurants and attractions, don't miss the opportunity to make this exceptional home yours!

Advancing the Paradigm of Supportive Living

We redefine the sober living experience with our steadfast commitment to extensive support and empowerment. More than merely a place to reside, we've developed a vibrant community dedicated to aiding individuals in confronting the complexities of addiction, mental health issues, and trauma. Our luxurious living spaces are designed as refuges, providing a supportive path toward lasting recovery and profound satisfaction.

In-depth Support and Accountability

A nurturing environment is crucial on the path to healing. Saguaro Recovery places a high value on in-depth support combined with strict accountability, steering individuals toward their goals of recovery. Our approach encompasses a range of services, including constant staff availability, goal-oriented planning, effective communication with healthcare providers, routine substance testing, technological support, among others. Catering to those facing addiction, mental health issues, trauma, or in need of structured assistance, we ensure the provision of both the guidance and caring setting essential for successful outcomes.

Continuous Care and Community Engagement

Our residences are managed by professional house managers, ensuring continuous support and advice for our residents. Regularly scheduled house meetings promote a sense of community and responsibility, serving as a foundation for reviewing goals and offering mutual encouragement. We focus on setting specific, individualized goals and routines to keep residents dedicated to their recovery paths. Communication with healthcare teams guarantees integrated care coordination, while participation in external recovery gatherings and the acquisition of a sponsor further enrich the recovery journey. Our comprehensive strategy, which includes technological support, substance testing practices, and shared responsibilities, fosters a path to sustainable recovery and personal advancement.

Tailored Coaching and Supportive Companionship

Understanding the critical role of personalized aid in the healing process, Saguaro Recovery provides one-on-one coaching. Our team of expert coaches collaborates directly with you to develop a detailed strategy aimed at achieving your recovery and life objectives. This service is enhanced by in-depth evaluations, daily engagement, and consistent updates on progress, promoting a well-rounded focus on well-being. For situations that demand round-the-clock support, we also offer bespoke companionship services, crafted to meet your unique needs and challenges.

Assured Transport and Clinical Coordination

Recognizing the need for additional support during travel, Saguaro Recovery provides reliable transportation services, ensuring a focus on recovery even while on the move. Whether it's local travel or longer distances, by car or airplane, our skilled team is ready to assist. We also offer clinical transportation for those needing to reach treatment sessions or medical appointments, presenting affordable choices and steadfast support to ensure smooth transitions and ongoing progress in your recovery process.

Comfortable Living Spaces and Nutritious Meals

Selecting the appropriate recovery residence is vital for a successful healing journey. Our homes at Saguaro Recovery are designed for comfort, featuring large memory foam beds and pools for relaxation. High-speed internet and big-screen TVs ensure entertainment, while desk space and house computers with printers facilitate work tasks. We cater to all dietary needs, providing groceries and hosting community meals five nights a week to create a nurturing environment.

Wellness Memberships and Inclusive Accommodations

Acknowledging the significance of overall well-being, we offer memberships to local gyms, allowing easy access to various fitness centers. Saguaro Recovery also arranges clinical transport for those requiring help getting to treatment or medical appointments. We are committed to accommodating religious and cultural needs, including offering Kosher options and respecting religious observances, as part of our holistic support system aimed at empowering every facet of your journey toward recovery.

Discover Renewal at Saguaro Recovery

Our Desert Rose supportive living home in Scottsdale provides an exceptional combination of dedicated support and high-end living to aid women in their recovery journey. With extensive experience in assisting individuals battling addiction, mental health issues, and trauma, our founders appreciate the importance of a supportive environment in the healing journey. Within our engaging community, you will discover the guidance and resources necessary to cultivate crucial life skills and realize a more prosperous, satisfying future.

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