We provide spacious high-end homes, great food, and a gym membership with your stay.

Recover in Comfort

Finding recovery homes that are comfortable and provide everything you need to aid recovery can be a difficult task. We have large homes with full-sized memory foam beds as well as swimming pools to relax and unwind. High-speed internet and streaming services are included, so you won’t miss out on keeping up with your favorite shows. You will be able to indulge in watching movies or sports games on our big-screen TVs or select popular programming. All of our recovery homes come equipped with desk space for any work you may need to take care of and a house computer with a printer and copy machine for added convenience.

Cook & Eat Together

At Saguaro Recovery, we make sure that all of our guests’ recovery journey is made as smooth and comfortable as possible. We understand that recovery requires a lot of hard work and dedication, so to support this, we provide all of our guests with their grocery needs included in the stay. We take care of the grocery shopping so our residents can focus on their recovery. We can accomodate any dietary needs you have. We also have community dinners five nights per week wherein the guests cook and eat together, bringing each home together as a community. Our goal is to create an environment that empowers recovery and encourages self-care.

Gym Membership

Good recovery is often a process of bringing mind, body, and spirit back to a healthy place! By providing an outside gym membership, you will have access to multiple gym locations throughout the valley. Not only will this allow you to stay close to home while staying in shape, but it also provides convenient options if you are on the go. With our gym membership, you can boost recovery time, maintain motivation, and reach your fitness goals faster no matter where you are.
“Saguaro Recovery Home has been a big part of my recovery journey. The house managers' great support and guidance have created a positive and healing environment that's helped me immensely. The dedication of the management team is evident in the well-maintained facility and their attentive care, making my experience here truly exceptional.”

Clinical Transport

Saguaro offers Clinical Transport services for guests who are already living in our recovery home and need transportation to treatment programs and other clinical appointments. We understand that accessing clinical services is a crucial component of recovery, and we strive to make it as easy as possible for our guests to attend these appointments. Our Clinical Transport service is available at an additional cost.

Kosher Options & Religious Accommodations

At Saguaro Recovery we strive to meet the religious and cultural needs of our guests including members of the Jewish community. We offer options for our guests to observe Kosher dietary laws and to observe other religious practices.

We offer both ready-made Glatt Kosher meals and Kosher grocery options for clients who observe Kosher laws. Our homes have separate appliances and cooking utensils for Kosher food preparation and separate dining wear reserved for Kosher use. Our homes also have separate food storage space for refrigerated and dry goods.

We also ensure that guests are able to observe religious holidays, the Sabbath, and other religious customs.

Pricing for Kosher food options is available upon request.

Make Saguaro Recovery your home and get the support you need to achieve the life you want.