Common Questions

At Saguaro Recovery, we take a comprehensive approach to help our guests create a foundation for their lives.
Recovery and healing take much more than a bed and a drug test. At Saguaro Recovery we combine unparalleled support with a premier living space to give you true supportive living. We understand you may have questions about supportive and sober living – and we have included the most common questions and answers below. If you are looking for additional information, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Where are you located?

Our homes are located in North Scottsdale, and North Phoenix.

How much does it cost?

Our rates are $2,500 for multiple months and $2,800 for a single month, including all food. We offer single rooms with pricing available upon request. We offer transportation to treatment and other clinical appointments for an additional charge of $600 per month.

Are you licensed in Arizona?

Yes. Saguaro Recovery is licensed by the Arizona Recovery Housing Association as well as the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Will I be drug tested?

Yes. All guests, regardless of their path to recovery, are required to submit to random urinalysis and breathalyzer testing to ensure a safe environment for all of Saguaro Recovery’s guests.

Do I have to go to treatment before I can move-in?

Prior treatment is often necessary for the stability necessary to succeed in supportive living. This is not a strict rule, however, and some guests are ready for supportive living without prior treatment. Each guest will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

How long do I have to be sober before moving in?

We require guests to be abstinent from alcohol and all non-prescribed drugs for at least 72 hours before they may move in.

Are residents required to attend 12-step meetings?

Guests recovering from substance use disorders or process addictions will be required to attend 4 in-person 12 step meetings a week. We support guests attending other types of recovery meetings in addition to the required 12-step meetings, such as Recovery Dharma and Smart Recovery.

How long can I stay?

Typically our guests stay from anywhere from two to six months. Saguaro Recovery’s goal is to help you gain the tools necessary to establish your recovery and transition to the next stage in your journey. Some guests do stay longer than six months where helpful for their transition.

What happens if I relapse?

We fully understand that relapse is sometimes part of the recovery journey and we believe in second chances. If a guest relapses Saguaro Recovery will evaluate the guest’s desire and willingness to continue pursuing recovery. If the guest has a genuine desire to do so, Saguaro Recovery will help the guest find a safe place to go for 72 hours before returning to our home. During that time guests must abstain from all substances.

Can I smoke cigarettes?

Cigarettes and vaping are allowed but only in designated smoking areas.

What rules do I have to follow?

All guests must adhere to the house rules and accountability requirements. If you would like a copy of these requirements please call us at (480) 658-0503.

Do I have to work during my stay?

No. We encourage our guests to focus fully on their treatment during their stay with us. However, guests may work as long as it doesn’t interfere with their treatment or their ability to comply with Saguaro’s guest requirements.

Can I stay away from the home overnight?

Yes. A guest must have been at the home for at least fifteen days and Saguaro Recovery must determine that the guest is stable and capable of safely being away overnight. Guests must submit a written request for the overnight stay in compliance with Saguaro Recovery’s house rules.

What should I bring with me?

Toiletries, clothing, and any personal items you may need. Food, bedding, towels, and household supplies are provided. If you have any items you need to bring for storage, please bring those items to staff’s attention before coming.

Do you allow guests on medically assisted treatment (MAT)?

Yes. Saguaro allows guests to be on medications that assist in addiction treatment. Guests must have valid prescriptions for any such medications. Guests will be issued a lockbox to store medications and staff will perform weekly pill counts to monitor against potential abuse.

How do I get around?

You may use your own vehicle. We also offer a transportation service to and from treatment and other clinical appointments for a fee.