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We Offer

Living Space

Environmental Equilibrium

Our environment affects our state of mind. We need to live in a space that reflects our new way of life. We provide a beautiful, clean, upscale living space to fit your new life.

House amenities include swimming pool, private parking, ping-pong table, outdoor lounge area, large barbeque, fire pit, juice bar, high speed internet, house computer and printer, streaming services, cable television, and large flat-screen television.

Food + Exercise

Inside and Out

Good food and a healthy body are part of a good life. Fresh healthy food for all of your meals and snacks is included. Our house managers are trained cooks and cook with you and the community – bringing everyone together and giving you tools for living.

We also help you set up and follow an exercise routine that works for you. An outside gym membership is included as well as exercise equipment at the house.


Come as you are

We know how to meet you where you are at – we have been in your shoes. We will help you build a good life with good living. From developing the small parts of your daily routine to achieving big picture recovery goals – and everything in between. We proactively work with you individually on a daily basis to make your life in recovery work. We are in this together.


Sometimes it takes a village

We believe in being a part of your support team. We work directly with your treatment program and individual clinicians to coordinate your support – making your recovery more effective. The right hand should always know what the left is doing.